Video Art

Made with ❤ in Firenze




Travelling book,

2009- time 2,31’

A continuos movement in a vital space. At a certain point the movement is interrupted, like the regular life of a city in the moment of an earthquake.

This video is dedicated to all the victims of earthquake in the world.

2009-2014_time   03,14′

Travelling book, like people of  culture who live in countries where freedom of speech is denied and who find themselves forced to abbandon their countries and to journey.

The arab is a nostagic poem which accompanies the intellecual on his odissey.Alongside this ,the video ,based on black and white composition of  hundreds of different images which are formed thanks to a continous vibration.

This video is dedicated to all the intellectuals in the world who suffer  the abuse of violence.

Harmony of the opposites


2011– time 02,40’
Harmony of the opposites:  two opposite colours black and white  in the moment of of their fusion produce a vision of absolute harmony. A vision of the world alluded to by the colliding of the two spheres in movement.
An allegory of racial and religious visions ,in which the opposites create a new world.
It is an invitation to making  of peace in the world.


2011 – time 30 seconds

Two spheres travelling at speed in parallel (like the planets of the cosmos) find an obstacle in their path and exploding, form an image in black and white.
Metaphore of what could occur one day in the cosmos,considering all the detritus we leave in space, it is an invitation to conserve and respect our planet and the space that surrounds us.



2011_ time 05,03′

The takidol is a medicinal pain-killer used from the same artist in a difficult period in which also it was disabled to work.

Observing the effect of the issolution of the medicine, it has had the idea to create this video.

This confirmation
that all the one which we use daily can be transformed in art, if the artist
uses its creative and spiritual ability.


Artist under the water

2 Agost

2012     time 03,18′


The fortunate
artist, having emigrated in the 70’s, places himself in the position of the
clandestine immigrants of today, using himself in a metaphysical way:
 finding himself in the middle of the sea braving the waves, dreaming of
Europe, a secure job,social services and beautiful women.

But  the
waves drag him away and swallow him.The only thing that shows the tragedy is
appearance of his hat which the waves carry in to the shore,  just like
 the clothes which we find on the beach after every tragedy.

The only
solidarity found in that moment are the  seagulls who with their calls try
to draw attention to what is happening.

The question is; is it really worthwhile to
diesearching for a better life? What is the response of the European Community
to this phenomena  and  what can it do to avoid similar tragedies.

2012_Time 5,50′
The twentieth century saw great advances in technology, science and economics, meanwhile
during the same period two world wars took place, both driven by an ideology
based on hate and racism.  The terrorist
attack on Bologna railway station is one of the consequences of that ideology.

This video shows the
heartlesness of the terrorist attack and looks to bear witness to this tragedy,
which should never be erased from our memory.

All those who enter,
or even pass the waiting room in the station, cannot but be struck, even
unconciously, by this human tragedy.

The video is to
honour the memory of the victims of the terrorist attack on Bologna station in
1980 on 2nd August.

The colour_one_breathes


2012_Time 02,00'

We live in a time of great technological and scientific development that has served and serves humanity in many fields especially in the field of medicine and communication. But this development brings with it environmental and human disasters such as Chernobyl and Fukushima.

We breathe polluted air every day: in certain cities of the most developed world, pollution reaches levels well beyond the limits tolerated.

The video aims to show metaphorically how we share our lives with pollution.

  2014_time  3.07'

Two  hands and two
races is a visible demonstration of the various theories on the origin of races
and their inter- mixing.

The two hands, white
stained black and black stained white touch each other in order to create a
contact between two different beings  and in their union create a
content of beauty and harmony.